Aphasia, Communication, Resource links and Strategies

Aphasia, Communication, Resource links and Strategies

Getting Online with Aphasia: The Stroke Association in the UK has produced a wonderful aphasia-friendly guide to help people with aphasia get online. They also have a complete set of videos to go with it. An amazing resource!

📺 Aphasia & SLP in the News: Do you remember Gabby Giffords’ speech from the DNC last year? Get more inspiration from this aphasia warrior and her SLP Dr. Fabi Hirsch in this fabulous TV interview on the 10th anniversary of her shooting.

😃 Aphasia-Friendly Design: Have you ever wanted to make some of your materials or information from your hospital or clinic more aphasia-friendly? Check out these guidelines from the Stroke Association on exactly what makes something aphasia-friendly, then use the FREE pictographic images from the Aphasia Institute’s online ParticiPics portal to illustrate complex concepts.

ICYMI – The 5 Most Popular Resources from 2020:

  1. Setting Goals in Aphasia Therapy – ebook & podcast
  2. 15 Treatments for Verbal Expression – quick guide with evidence
  3. 50 Things to Help a Person with Aphasia – handy list of ideas
  4. Top 10 Word-Finding Strategies – article with handout & apps
  5. How-To: Semantic Feature Analysis – a guide to the classic treatment

Thanks to Megan S. Sutton, Speech-Language Pathologist

Co-Founder of Tactus Therapy https://tactustherapy.com

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