World Stroke Day 2023 – Together we are #GreaterThan Stroke

This year the World Stroke Organization is calling people around the world to come together on October 29th to share key messages on stroke prevention. Health professionals are asked to take action that will help individuals to understand, identify and address stroke risks that are not only associated with highest risk of stroke, but that are also easily managed. Up to 90% of strokes are preventable and by addressing a small number of risk factors, the world can be a #GreaterThan stroke.

The Cork Stroke Support mission statement is to ‘Reduce the Impact of Stroke and improve the Quality of Life of Stroke Survivors’. All stroke survivors referred to the Cork Stroke Support Centre receive an individual assessment by a nurse . In addition to individual goal setting, stroke risk factors, smoking, alcohol, exercise, weight and blood pressure are addressed. The planned opening of the CSS exercise gym in the centre will enhance health and fitness goals and will be a great addition to our physio-led stroke day service programme provided in the CSS Centre.

In the recent Autumn edition of the CSS newsletter ‘Stroke Guardian’, Dr Patrick Barry, Consultant Stroke Physician discusses best practice regarding the management of a Trans-Ischaemic Attack (TIA) which is often referred to as a mini-stroke. In the Rapid Access Stroke Prevention Clinic in the Cork University Hospital, follow-up investigations and timely treatment interventions include management of high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. On occasions carotid surgery may be required for a blocked artery.

Stroke is the leading cause of disability worldwide and each year over 12 million people have strokes. Ireland contributes approximately 7,500 to these figures annually. In the CSS newsletter, Gloria’s stroke survivor story provides an insightful perspective of the significant impact of stroke. Her story also demonstrates human resilience and everyone’s ability to overcome obstacles when there are appropriate supports.

Health and well-being is more than physical. The psychological benefits of peer support activities and social engagement are evident in the CSS newsletter photos of stroke survivors and family members.

Together we are greater than stroke. The stroke guardian is available to download from the CSS website.

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