National Medical Card Online Service

Today the HSE launches its new National Medical Card Online service, This new service enables people for the first time to apply online for a Medical Card quickly and easily using our step by step guide.


Almost 440,000 applications were received by the National Medical Card Unit in 2017, so this new, streamlined service will bring great benefits for people in terms of turnaround times, convenience and security.


Users can find out if they are eligible for a Medical Card immediately, and if they are, their application will be processed in 15 working days. This online service conveniently allows applicants to scan and upload documents and other information, and no longer requires a visit to a GP to stamp paper forms.


Benefits of new National Medical Card Online service:

  1. Our online system guides you through each step of the application process.
  2. Applicants can submit all supporting documentation digitally, including photographs of relevant material.
  3. Your GP will be able to accept you onto their panel via the online system.
  4. If we need to contact you about your application, we can email instead of writing to you.
  5. When you have submitted your financial details as part of the online application, we will tell you straight away if you qualify for a medical card.
  6. Complete application will be processed in 15 working days.

Full details about the National Medical Card Online service are available at


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